Myanmar Stoves Campaign
March 2012 – present | Myanmar
I am in charge of SLOW LIFE Foundation’s involvement as funder of the Myanmar Stoves Campaign that aims to mobilise USD 10m to distribute efficient cook-stoves to over 1m households in rural areas of Myanmar.

Benefits of the project to the local community are extensive including monetary savings for households, protection of biodiversity, training and employment opportunities and health benefits from significantly reduced indoor air pollution. Orbis Development Partners is the development partner and Mercy Corps is engaged as implementation partner. The project is the first Gold Standard carbon credit registered project in Myanmar. It was endorsed by the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Forestry 21 January 2014.

Overall budget is USD 450,000.

Team members: Daniel Wulbern, Paolo Cerati, Nilan Fernando, Phuy Phyu Pyae, David Nicholson

Darfur Stoves Project
October 2011 – present | Sudan

I am in charge of SLOW LIFE Foundation’s involvement as development funder of the Darfur Stoves Project. The SLOW LIFE Foundation works with Orbis Development Partners and Potential Energy to provide energy efficient cook stoves and water treatment systems to 130,000 people in Darfur, Sudan. The use of these household technologies will improve health by reducing indoor air pollution and providing safe drinking water to the thousands of families that the project will reach.

The project addresses the pressing problem of fuel scarcity that forces women in Darfur to risk assault and violence by venturing far from the refugee camps into unprotected areas to forage for firewood. The project is being developed as a Micro Programme with the Gold Standard Foundation to reflect the premium quality of the project. Non-profit foundation myclimate has committed to sell the carbon credits generated, which is estimated to be at least 350,000 tons CO2 over seven years.

Overall budget is USD 600,000.

Team members: Daniel Wulbern

Soneva Forest Restoration Project
January 2011 – present | Thailand
I lead the development and implementation of Soneva Forest Restoration Project funded by SLOW LIFE Foundation. 452,000 trees covering 304 acres were planted in northern Thailand in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, main focus was maintenance though 59,920 trees were planted to replace dead seedlings.

A Framework Species Methodology was used where 90 species was planted. Over a period of 7-8 years seed-disbursing birds will increase number of species further creating a rich biodiverse forest rather than a plantation. The project will mitigate an estimated 255,000 tons of CO2. PATT Foundation is the implementation partner and cooperation with schools in UK has been made to secure the crucial first 3 years of maintenance of the forest.

Overall budget was USD 1.5 million.

Team members: Andrew Steel, Steve Griffin, Andrew Mittleman, Roger Steinhardt, Demis Galli

Clean Water Projects
October 2009 – present | World-wide
I established and ran the SLOW LIFE Foundation’s Clean Water Projects. With funding from Soneva and Six Senses, we worked primarily with Water Charity and Thirst-Aid as implementation partners. Since 2010 the Clean Water Projects have helped over 600,000 people get access to either safe clean drinking water or basic sanitation through 492 projects in 53 countries world-wide.

In addition to this, the SLOW LIFE Foundation has provided development funding for the WHOLE WORLD Water campaign, which aims to unite the hospitality industry to bottle its own water, eliminate plastic waste and help people without access to safe water.

Overall budget was USD 600,000.

Team members: Averill Strasser, Curt Bradner, Cathy Bradner, Karena Albers, Jenifer Willig

Carbon Calculator
January 2009 – present | Thailand
I developed the Six Senses Carbon Calculator and Soneva Carbon Calculator modelled on the World Resources Institute / World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WRI/WBCSD) “Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, Revised Edition.” Annual Carbon Footprint Report has been conducted since 2008-09 fiscal, which includes carbon emissions not only from energy (Scope 1-2), but also air travel, ground travel, waste, paper, food and water (Scope 3). The results provide essential information for the Sustainability Reports.

Team members: Bruce Bromley

SLOW LIFE Symposium
June 2008 – present | Maldives and Thailand
The SLOW LIFE Symposium is an event by the SLOW LIFE Foundation sponsored by Soneva that convenes business leaders, scientists, NGOs, renowned thinkers and policy makers to help accelerate progress towards environmental sustainability. The Symposium is an intimate event that convenes people with purpose: each and every participant is there because they are committed to positive change that is also good for business.

I have been involved in all Symposiums since 2008. In 2010 and 2011 I was in charge of the agenda and the implementation, which included participation from the President of the Maldives, Richard Branson, Darryl Hannah, Edward Norton and Fabien Cousteau. Since 2013, we took on a dedicated event manager as well as having Jonathon Porritt as Chair. I have consequently played a supporting role in developing the agenda and the implementation.

Team members: Maria Padget, Jonathon Porritt, Bruce Bromley

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