600 Unilever sites achieve zero waste to landfill

Over 600 Unilever sites have now eliminated waste to landfill.

Unilever reached a new industry-leading achievement of sending zero non-hazardous waste to landfill across more than 600 sites, in 70 countries, including factories, warehouses, distribution centres and offices. Having identified the different non-hazardous waste streams in its operations Unilever has now found alternative routes for the waste from these sites.

unilever-zero-wasteIn January 2015 over 240 Unilever factories achieved zero non-hazardous waste to landfill status – by replicating this zero waste model in other parts of the business, nearly 400 additional sites have now eliminated non-hazardous waste to landfill.

This has been achieved by continuing with the four ‘R’ approach of reducing, reusing, recovering or recycling, proving that every single material that is consumed in the business has an alternative use – from converting factory waste to building materials, to composting food waste from staff cafeterias.

Unilever’s priority is to maintain the zero non-hazardous waste status, including for all future site openings and acquisitions, and ultimately achieve zero waste across the value chain. Unilever’s continued efforts on zero waste provide a strong business case for sustainability – eliminating waste has contributed to cost benefits of €200 million and created hundreds of jobs.

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