Top 10 stories in 2015

Soneva-Sustainability-Report-2014-152015 is over an it is time reveal the top 10 stories throughout the year.

The list is dominated by Soneva sustainability stories. Click on the link to read the posts.

  1. Soneva Sustainability Report 2014-15
  2. Soneva Fushi named world’s best sustainable hotel
  3. Soneva wins WTTC’s Tourism for Tomorrow Award in the Environment category
  4. Thai carbon credit trading in development
  5. Soneva wins the Energy Globe Award 2015
  6. Soneva Fushi wins the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2015
  7. 13 companies hold the answer to the crisis in the seafood industry
  8. Norway’s pension fund divests from 23 palm oil companies
  9. Food waste = money waste
  10. Nanoclay turns desert to fertile soil

Wish you all a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2016.


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