Soneva wins the Energy Globe Award 2015

Soneva wins the Energy Globe Award 2015 category National winner of Thailand for its Soneva Carbon Levy programme.


Arnfinn Oines (right) receives the Energy Globe Award from Dr. Gustav Gressel, The Commercial Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy Commercial Section.

More than 1,500 projects from a total of 177 countries have been submitted to the Energy Globe. Not only the quantity but also the quality was overwhelming according to The Energy Globe Foundation.

The award is given to projects across different disciplines and it is the first time a resort company wins the award.

Soneva won the award for its innovative way of tackling climate change. Since 2008 the resort company has added a two per cent carbon levy to guests’ bills. Soneva has raised around USD 5.7 million towards environmental projects, which will mitigate one million tonnes CO2 over seven years; far exceeding Soneva’s carbon footprint including guest flights. So far, the projects have benefitted more than 150,000 people.

Similarly, the company also banned imported water in 2008 and produces all required drinking water on site. This has reduced carbon emissions and also avoided the estimated 900,000 plastic bottles that would need to be disposed of.  The savings achieved from this have been used through the SLOW LIFE Foundation to give over 600,000 people access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation.

Soneva has won a string of environmental awards the past year. These include:
– Tourism for Tomorrow Award
– VIP International Traveller Reader’s Travel Award
– International Hotel Awards
– Lonely Planet Destination Award
– Thailand Green Excellence Award
– IE Sustainable Luxury Award

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