Apple plans to buy 1 million acres of Chinese forests

Apple plans to buy more than 1 million acres of forest in China to further expand its renewable energy programme.

forestA new multi-year project with WWF is designed to protect responsibly-managed working forests which provide fiber for pulp, paper and wood products.

Apple’s goal is to achieve a net-zero impact on the world’s supply of sustainable virgin fiber for its product packaging and power all its operations worldwide on 100% renewable energy.

Apple also intends to expand its industry-leading renewable energy projects to manufacturing facilities in China. Apple has launched its first major solar project in China. Solar installations in Sichuan Province will generate far more energy than needed to power all of Apple’s corporate offices and retail stores in China.

Apple is partnering with Leshan Electric Power Co., Sichuan Development Holding Co., Tianjin Tsinlien Investment Holding Co., Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd, and SunPower Corporation on the project encompassing two 20MW solar farms. Together the project will generate up to 80 million kilowatt hours per year of clean energy, enough to power the equivalent of 61,000 Chinese homes.

Today, 87% of Apple’s global operations run on renewable energy, and the Sichuan Province solar project will bring Apple closer to its commitment to reach 100%.

Apple has 19 corporate offices and 22 retail stores in China, including Hong Kong, directly employing 8,000 people.

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