Google bets heavy on $750 million SolarCity fund

Google has teamed up with leading rooftop solar developer SolarCity to create a USD 750 million fund for investment in residential solar projects.

solar-panel-installGoogle has committed USD 300 million to the fund, making it the company’s largest renewable energy investment to date.

This marks an accelerated push by Google into the renewable sector. But this time, instead of funding a giant solar or wind farm, the company is looking to support the installation of solar panels on homes across the U.S.

The fund works by financing the installation of solar arrays at no upfront cost for households in 14 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The household then either pays a monthly charge to lease the panels or pays for the power that is generated.

In either case, households get predictable energy costs and typically realize significant savings compared to the grid power they otherwise would be using.

The fund is the latest in a string of high profile clean energy investments from leading IT firms. So far in 2015, Google, Apple and Facebook have announced ambitious new renewable energy and green data center programs.

Just last month, for example, Apple announced plans for two major new data centers in Ireland and Denmark that will be run entirely on renewable energy.


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