Bill Gates drinks water produced from human waste

The Janicki Omniprocessor takes in large quantities of untreated human waste and turns it into electricity, drinking water, and ash. Watch Bill Gates drinking the water produced from human waste in the video below.

According to the Microsoft founder western toilets are not the solution for the 2.5 billion people that lack basic sanitation services. There reason is that these require a massive infrastructure of sewer lines and treatment plants that just is not feasible in many poor countries.

The Omniprocessor has a lot of potential because it is a self-contained unit that can be deployed anywhere in the world. Put waste in one end, get water and power out the other thanks to the novel use of a steam engine.

It’s also very efficient, with the latest model producing up to 86,000 liters of water a day and 250 kw of electricity when handling the waste of 100,000 people. It also conforms to US emission standards.


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