Myanmar Stoves Campaign film

The Myanmar Stoves Campaign film has been revealed. The 3 minute film captures the essence of the SLOW LIFE Foundation initiative, which addresses energy poverty in rural Myanmar by distributing energy efficient cook stoves.

Health benefits
Household cooking, often done indoors without a chimney and on inefficient stoves, is a silent killer. Air pollution from domestic cooking is responsible for the premature deaths of 4 million people a year, more than HIV Aids and malaria combined. By containing the fire, the five minute stove reduces air pollution by up to 80%, providing a much cleaner method of cooking. As the combustion chamber is enclosed, sparks do not escape, greatly reducing the risk of a household fire.

Reduce deforestation
Myanmar is one of the highest contributors to global deforestation. As the forests disappear, the price of wood gets higher, driving more and more families into energy poverty.  Cutting expenditure on wood makes a huge difference to families already living in poverty, and reducing time spent foraging for wood means more time to spend on smallholdings and securing a good harvest.

The new stoves require just three sticks of wood to create enough heat for boiling, cutting fuel requirements by 50%.  The heat is retained in the central section of the stove, making it much more efficient than an open fire or the traditional three stone stove. This saves up to 60% on CO2 emissions and dramatically reduces deforestation.

Gold Standard
The Myanmar Stoves Campaign is the first Gold Standard certified carbon project in Myanmar.

The film was made by Wing TV pro-bono after their pledge at the 2013 SLOW LIFE Symposium.

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