Waterless washing machine relies on polymer beads

A pioneering washing machine that uses polymer beads instead of much of the water, has saved its customers 2.5 million litres of water in just six months. The equivalent of the daily drinking needs of more than one million people.


Xeros washing machine uses polymer beads to reduce water consumption by 75%.

The Xeros machines are saving customers up to 75% of the water, up to 50% of the energy (used to heat water in the washing machine) and up to 50% of the detergent compared to standard washing machines.

The machines work in a similar way to a standard washing machine but replace much of the water with polymer beads which are reusable hundreds of times. Xeros’ team of scientists and engineers has worked with partner BASF to develop the beads, which gently agitate clothing, lifting dirt and stains off the fabric where they are absorbed into the body of the polymer.

At the end of their usable life span, the beads are recycled by Xeros and used as raw materials in the manufacture of products such as car fascias.

Xeros’ revolutionary bead-cleaning system is currently being used by customers in the commercial laundry sector, including Sterling Linen Services and White Rose Laundries, and has reached the 2.5 million litres milestone for the water saved in its installed machines from March 2014 to September 2014.

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