Solar Power as Aid

The Norwegian solar company Scatec Solar builds a 8.5 mega watt solar PV plant in Rwanda in East Africa, which is partly funded by the Norwegian aid funds Norfund and KLP.


Photo: Scatec Solar

The project is part the Norwegian government’s stronger commercial focus on aid policy. Competence rather than money is an important factor in creating jobs in developing countries.

For Rwanda that has suffered from horrendous genocides the project is important to help develop the country in several ways:

  • The project is based on renewable energy.
  • The 8.5 MW solar PV plant will increase Rwanda’s electricity supply by 8 percent.
  • It will enable more local jobs that increase prosperity
  • It is build on the site of a child and youth home for survivors of the genocide in the country 20 years ago. Annual income from the plant will ensure the operation of the orphanage.

Norwegian Scatec Solar that is responsible for the plant itself, already have three joint projects with Norfund on the sunny side. They are all in South Africa. Two of them are as big as 75 mega watts.

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