Mac Pro uses 74% Less Metal

Mac-Pro-2013-vs-2012The new Mac Pro uses 74% less aluminum and steel and 84% less packaging by weight compared to the old version.

This is a significant improvement considering that about 66% of the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of a computer like the Mac Pro come from production, not use according to Apple.

Mac Pro 2013 Material UseThe savings have been achieved through redesigning the Mac Pro into a small black cylinder that is considerably smaller than it predecessors.

In addition to the materials savings, the new Mac Pro uses 68% less power than the previous generation in idle mode. Its power supply, which converts AC electricity from the wall outlet to DC, is 90% efficient, which is very good.

The new Mac Pro is manufactured in the United States, providing more than 2,000 jobs across 20 states.

To see how the Mac Pro performs watch review by The Verve:

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