Nissan Leaf to be Rolled Out Across Bhutan

Nissan Leaf to be rolled out in Bhutan

Nissan Leaf to be rolled out in Bhutan

The all electric Nissan Leaf will be rolled out across the isolated mountain kingdom Bhutan.

The country currently generates sufficient hydro-electricity to export power to neighboring countries, but imports fossil fuels to run its vehicle fleet.

As Bhutan aims to become a zero emission nation it envisions the capital Thimphu to be a “clean electric” city in which transportation for its 100,000 citizens is powered by clean energy.

Nissan Rollout
Nissan has signed a deal with the mountain kingdom to supply all electric Leaf models to replace conventional vehicles in government and taxi fleets in Thimphu, as well as demonstration cars ahead of a national rollout of electric vehicles (EVs).

In addition, the auto giant will install quick charging points across the country to support the new fleet.

The agreement follows talks between the Prime Minister of Bhutan, Tshering Tobgay, and Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn in Thimphu last year.

Tax Exemptions
The Royal Government of Bhutan also will consider exempting EVs from certain taxes and implementing a carbon credit scheme where the sale of EVs will earn credits that can be traded for tax exemptions for imported internal combustion engine-powered (ICE) vehicles.

The Leaf has shifted more than 100,000 units since late 2010 and currently holds around 45% of the global EV market.

Nissan regards the public sector as a potentially significant source of sales for its electric models and has agreements with more than 100 nations, states and cities globally to promote electric cars.

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