WHOLE World Water Campaign One Year Anniversary

Today, on World Water Day, marks WHOLE WORLD Water campaign’s first anniversary.

Photo: Soneva/Cat Vinton

Photo: Soneva/Cat Vinton

The campaign’s idea is simple: To join the hospitality industry to follow Soneva Fushi’s lead by banning imported drinking water, bottle its own in re-usable glass bottles and sharing parts of the revenue generated to help people without safe drinking water get it.

Business model
Under the banner A New Way of Doing Business on Earth, the WHOLE WORLD Water stresses that it is not a traditional charity.

Their proposal is for business by changing their operation related to drinking water both can improve their profit, operate more environmentally friendly and at the same time help people without access to safe drinking water.

They claim business can improve costs by 28%, hence,  more than the 10% of water revenue they would need to pledge to the WHOLE WORLD Water fund.

Photo: Soneva

Photo: Soneva

2014 crucial
So far primarily smaller hospitality chains have joined such as Tao, Jetwing, Virign Limited and Soneva. This is not sufficient if WHOLE WORLD Water is going to become a truly global hospitality campaign and to make a huge impact on the 760 million people without access to safe drinking water.

There has been interest from the bigger and more well-known brands. Three hotels of the famous brand Ritz-Carlton brand has signed on, but unfortunately only a small portion of 80+ Ritz-Carlton portfolio. And Ritz-Carlton owner Marriott International, one of the world’s largest hotel operators with more than 4,000 properties have not committed.

2014 will therefore be a crucial year for WHOLE WORLD Water to secure their first big chain to join the campaign. With luck, one successful member inclusion of one of the top ten brands can create a snowball effect that will propel the campaign to the next level.

If the industry can join forces it has the potential to eradicate water poverty, eliminate millions of plastic bottles going to landfill and at the same time improve bottom line.

Give the #wholeworldwater
The WHOLE WORLD Water team is making a PR push named “Give the #wholeworldwater.”

The campaign can be followed on twitter, facebook and YouTube. For more information visit http://www.wholeworldwater.co

Happy World Water Day.

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