2,660 People Receive Safe Water After Typhoon Haiyan

The Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013 had devastating effect for families in the Philippines. For 2,660 people life became easier when they received water filters that provide them with safe drinking water.

Photo: Water Charity

Photo: Water Charity

The super typhoon, known as Yolanda in the Philippines,  sustained winds of 235 kph with surges of 275 kph of devastation impact.

  • 14.9 million people affected
  • 4.1 million people displaced
  • 6,100+ reported dead
  • 26,233 reported injured
  • 1.2 million damaged houses

266 water filters
One of the biggest challenges after a typhoon is access to safe drinking water, which often leads to spread of diseases. Water Charity in partnership with Wine to Water decided deal with this through supplying Sawyer water filters.

The Sawyer PointONE water filter removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria, protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giradia, Cholera, and Typhoid. 

With funding from the SLOW LIFE Foundation, Water Charity provided in total 266 filters and containers, supplying an estimated 2,660 poeple with safe drinking water throughout Tacloban City – one of the worst hit cities.

Long lasting relief
Four areas around Tacloban City received the filters. These were picked because they were some of the most in need and getting only “temporary relief” in the form on Hypsol chlorine solution or water trucks.

These relief services were only lasting for a short period. Then, the locals were forced to go back to getting standing water or going to their contaminated wells.

The implementation was inclusive. The team had meetings with the community captains who organised meetings with heads of the household. Here it was discussed the importance of clean water and sanitation and its relation to better health and livelihood.

Filthy brown water was run through the water and the team drank the perfectly clean water so that all could see the benefit and gain trust of the filters.

Once this was done families received the Sawyer filters, which will have a lasting impact that will improve the people’s lives.

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5 responses to “2,660 People Receive Safe Water After Typhoon Haiyan

  1. Due to the community and public placement of many of these filters, it is likely that the number of people who will be helped will far exceed the 2,660 figure. The filters placed in schools, for instance, can aid a hundred or more each. These filters also are guarunteed to filter over 1,000,000 gallons… and can actually last much longer than that if they are cared for.

    2 liters a day for 100 people for 10 years is only 730,000 liters… nearly 7x less than the minimum life of a carbon nanotube filter.

    Of course it comes down to how many people actually use it. Filters that are cared for and put in public places, used in concert with communal water supplies and so on, can go on to help a lot of people for a very long time. A filter that is discarded or put away could help no one.

    This is why our team had to not only demonstrate the filters themselves… but get some respected members of the community, including the vice mayor of Tacloban and ranking Philipino Generals to drink the water in front of people.

    I guess only time will tell how many people will be served by the Slow Life funded batch of filters. But, I am going to guess it will be significantly higher. In ideal conditions, as I have shown, the figure could easily be as much as 70x higher.

    Thanks Arnfinn for continuing to work with Water Charity.

    • Nothing would be better if it helps more. Look forward to seeing how it goes. One thing for sure thanks to the great work of Water Charity many can drink safe water and thus avoid waterborne illnesses.

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