US Army Invests $7.6 Billion in Renewables

Solar PV FarmThe US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded USD 7.6 billion of contracts to 33 companies for the right to develop clean energy projects.

Of this, USD 7 billion is for 22 companies to specifically develop and sell solar energy to the US Army.

Once projects are developed it is understood winning companies will bid against each other to supply solar power with the remainder of the ring-fenced USD 7 billion available for purchasing.

The projects will be developed on land owned or under the jurisdiction of the DoD.

Other renewables
The remaining USD 600 million is contracts issued to 11 companies to focus on projects generating renewable energy from wind turbines, geothermal heating and solar power plants as well as energy efficiency improvements.

Services have been contracted for one base year, and then four option years for all design, construction and construction related work.

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