59,920 Trees Replanted

Forest Restoration Nong Hoi 3PATT Foundation has carried out maintenance work on the Soneva Forest Restoration project and replanted 59,920 trees of 39 different species.

The maintenance work carried out included weeding, fertilizing and replanting at all four project sites in Northern Thailand seen in Table 1. This is very important work to protect the 452,000 trees of 90 different species that were planted in 2011-12.

59,920 trees replanted
Lack of follow up on tree planting projects is one of the main causes for forest restoration projects not working and ending up with dead trees.

As expected some of the 452,000 trees planted initially have not survived. Although the tree survival rate of 87% has been good, there were still 59,920 seedlings that did not make it. All the 59,920 trees have now been replanted.

One of the key factors the tree mortality rate has been low has been the ongoing maintenance work PATT Foundation has carried out after the planting finished in 2012. This has been crucial to ensure as many as possible seedling live on to become full-grown trees. Of particular importance during the wet-season has been to clear weeds to make sure the tree seedlings get good exposure to the sun.

Table 1: Soneva Forest Restoration Overview 2013 Source: SLOW LIFE Foundation

Table 1: Soneva Forest Restoration Overview 2013
Source: SLOW LIFE Foundation

452,000 trees still live
This work along with fire protection during the dry season is paramount to do three years after trees have been planted. It is often neglected by other reforestation projects and a mistake SLOW LIFE Foundation, the funder of the project, does not want to make.

As part of the deal when SLOW LIFE Foundation handed over the ownership of the Soneva Forest Restoration Project to PATT Foundation was that they would carry on the maintenance work through getting external funding. PATT Foundation has secured funding from PATT’s UK Schools Programme, FedEx, Sri Lanna National Park, Nong Hoi Royal Project, Treedom in addition to the SLOW LIFE Foundation.

The maintenance work and replanting means Soneva Forest Restoration Project still got 452,000 live trees.

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