IKEA to sell Solar PV

Ikea Solar PVAll 17 UK IKEA stores will stock, sell and install solar PV modules by next year.

IKEA made the decision to stock solar in all its stores after a successful pilot project at its Lakeside store in East London sold around one solar PV array every day.

Full solar service
The move forms a wider part of the Swedish furniture giant’s partnership with Chinese solar manufacturer, Hanergy Holding Group Ltd.

Members of the UK IKEA Family loyalty programme will be able to purchase a 3.36kW PV system for USD 9,000 including VAT, or opt for a solar finance package that would require no upfront payment.

Hanergy will be offering a “full solar service” in-store, including consultation and design service as well as installation, maintenance and ongoing energy monitoring.

Easily available
A recent survey of IKEA shoppers, revealed that only 6% had solar panels installed with two thirds saying the cost of solar was prohibitive. A key concern highlighted by those quizzed was that solar panels were ‘ugly’.

Hanergy hopes to overcome this issue by offering its all black line of PV modules and IKEA hopes working with Hanergy will make solar panels affordable and easily available.

IKEA has already installed over 500,000 solar panels across its stores worldwide and aims to produce as much energy as it consumes by 2020.

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