31 Days Under Water

Fabien Cousteau

Photo Courtesy of Fabien Cousteau / Richard Branson blog

Fabien Cousteau will live 31 days under water – the whole month of October.

The endeavor, named Mission 31, will break new ground in ocean exploration as previous missions have lasted a maximum 18 days.

Fabien, grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, will live in Aquarius located 63 feet under the sea in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Aquarius, owned by National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, is the only undersea marine habitat and lab in the world.

Mission 31 research will focus on the effects of weather underwater and climate change on corals. Sponges will also be examined for possible cancer curing traits with scientific advice and mission support from Northeastern University’s Initiative in Urban Coastal Sustainability.

Fabien is also doing this to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his grandfathers Conshelf II mission, which was the first attempt to live and work underwater.

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