Global Fish Production Helped by Aquaculture

Fish ProductionTotal global fish production, including both wild capture fish and aquaculture, reached an all-time high of 154 million tons in 2011 according to FAO.

Whereas wild capture essentially has stagnated at around 90 million tons since late 1980s, aquaculture has been expanding steadily during the same period. 2010 saw an 8.7% increase and 2011 6.2% to nearly 64 million tons.

Aquaculture currently provides over 40% of the fish consumed globally and is expected to top 60 percent by 2020.

Growth in fish farming can be a double-edged sword, however. Despite its potential to affordably feed an ever-growing global population, it can also contribute to problems of habitat destruction, waste disposal, invasions of exotic species and pathogens, and depletion of wild fish stock.

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6 responses to “Global Fish Production Helped by Aquaculture

  1. As global food needs rise, fish becomes an increasingly appealing food source. Aquaculture will face density concerns, struggling with disease, waste management and other environmental issues. Aquaculture is at a crossroads. It could contribute a lot to our future, or we could find we had a lot to lose.

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