400 ppm – CO2 Hits New High

400 ppmCO2 concentration hit a new high by passing 400 ppm last weekend for the first time in three million years.

The new milestone in negative term is significant as it is 40% more than the CO2 level in the air at the start of  the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s – 280 ppm. That level had not been topped in the entire 8,000 years of human history.

Little buzz
It is quite clear the current level of 400 parts per million has been heavily influenced by human pollution and not natural fluctuation. And it does not look like it is stopping there. 450 ppm is the level most climate scientists agree we must not surpass. Unfortunately it looks like we will in as little as 25 years.

Although there has been some buzz about the 400 ppm mark on social media, it is surprising how little attention it seems to get.

Maybe people are getting tired of endless climate talks that lead to very little. What is clear though is that the global community has to act and act fast. Three million years ago when CO2 levels where the same as now, many of today’s big cities were under water and the Saharan desert where green.

Without sounding too doom oriented it is worthwhile to reflect on the 400 ppm level and look at ways to reduce ones CO2-emissions. It can be done without having to sacrifice much of ones lifestyle.

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