Trip Advisor Launches GreenLeaders Program

TripAdvisor just launched its GreenLeaders program, helping its community of more than 200 million travelers plan greener trips by highlighting accommodations engaging in environmentally-friendly practices.

Initially the GreenLeaders program is only for US accommodations, which is rather limiting on a global scale. However, TripAdvisor plan to roll it out over the rest of the world though has yet to state over what time period.

Developed in partnership with US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, the US Green Building Council, and the United Nations Environment Programme, qualifying hotels and resorts will be awarded TripAdvisor GreenLeaders status based on the green practices the property has in place.

A comprehensive list of eco-friendly practices are evaluated. Accommodations that do not meet the requirements for TripAdvisor GreenLeaders, but must have a basic set of green practices in place. These requirements are:

  • Tracking energy use on a regular basis (at least quarterly)
  • Using at least 75% energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Having current and active towel and linen re-use plans in place
  • Recycling at least two types of waste
  • Staff training on green practices
  • Guest education on green practices

The TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program considers a property’s holistic approach to green practices and ranks them based on four levels of participation—Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum—which will be shown prominently on the property’s listing on the TripAdvisor site.  The more green practices a hotel has in place, the higher its TripAdvisor GreenLeaders level.

Green search
Travelers will be able to tailor their search on TripAdvisor for hotels participating in the GreenLeaders program, and view a detailed list of environmentally-friendly practices that they can expect at each location. TripAdvisor’s community of travelers will also be invited to comment on a hotel’s green credentials following a stay at a participating property, and in the future their feedback will be displayed on the site.

Hopefully TripAdvisor will extend the program to the rest of the world sooner rather than later.

Travelers can learn more about the GreenLeaders program at Properties interested in registering for the GreenLeaders program can visit for more information.

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