Soneva Nominated to 2degrees Sustainability Awards

2degrees_energy--carbon-management--long-termSoneva has been nominated to 2degrees Sustainability Champions Awards 2013 category Energy & Carbon Management.

Voting is open now until 15 April. Cast your vote here.

Energy & Carbon Management
Soneva is recognized for its strong commitment to offering low carbon luxury holiday experiences. Soneva resorts do not simply measure carbon footprint from energy consumption, but also measures guest air travel. Of actions they have taken are:

  • Installed a 70kW solar PV system, with plans for expanding by another 1MW by mid-2013
  • Decarbonized its waste handling by -38 tonnes CO2 per year
  • Soneva Forest Restoration project has planted 449,600 trees covering 400 acres have been planted mitigating 255,000 tonnes of CO2 in Thailand
  • Established Darfur Stoves Project in Sudan that aims to distribute more than 140,000 energy efficient cook stoves over seven years to residents of the internally displaced person (IDP) camps in the area

More details can be found on 2degrees web-site.

Leading sustainable business community
2degrees Network is a world’s leading community for sustainable business; working together to drive efficiency and growth through being more sustainable.

It consists of 28,400 plus individual professionals and businesses who use the online platform and unique events program to share best practice and solve common business problems together.

You can cast your vote here until 15 April, though you have to be a member.

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