Own Drinking Water

RO Drinking Water SystemTake charge of your own drinking water and get away with plastic bottled water. It can easily be done from households to large hotel operations.

The bottle water industry is a multimillion dollar business that drinking water around the world and adds tons of plastic waste to landfill. A lot of the water is not the healthiest thing to drink either. There are cross contamination issues from plastic bottles, particularly if kept in heated areas or exposed to strong sun.

Although water purified by reverse osmosis (RO water) is safe to drink from bacteria, the lack of minerals in the water will drain your body from minerals when consumed.

Lack safe tap water
Unfortunately, for a large part of the world clean and safe tap water does not exist. This does however not mean you have to buy bottle water. There are simple household solutions that can be installed in your house.

One example of this is a three stage carbon and resin filter combined with reverse osmosis.

Yes, reverse osmosis is used to sanitize the water which means loss of mineral. It is therefore important to run the water through a set of mineral balls to remineralize the water.

Once that is done you have a perfectly safe mineral water in your tap that can be filled in to reusable glass bottle or straight in your glass.

Scalable systems
The beauty of this system is that it can be scaled up from household use to larger commercial facilities. So whether you are a household, small restaurant, small hotel or a large resort there is no reason why you cannot do away with bottled plastic water.

Kurt Apel of Eco Pure Waters, a Thai water company that delivers tailor made water bottling systems with multiple head bottle fillers and bottle washers.

– We have installed over 50 systems, and soon will do fully automatic systems where no hands will touch the bottles, says Kurt.

Short payback period
On the client list are famous hotel companies such as Soneva, Starwood, Dusit, Banyan Tree, Jetwing and Six Senses. The installations have been made in a wide variety of countries including Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Seychelles, Jordan and Oman.

And the common thread is that is not just good for the environment but also makes economic sense.

– Generally the payback period for our drinking water systems is less than one year, says Kurt.

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