The Power of Sanitation

WC Teugue-Ndogui Ecole 1 Latrine Project Senegal

Teugue-Ndogui Ecole 1 Latrine Project Senegal
Photo: Water Charity

2.6 billion people lack access to basic sanitation around the world. For the children and teachers at Teugue-Ndogui elementary school in Senegal basic toilet facilities was non-existing. Peace Corps Volunteer Elizabeth Ogunwo decided to do something about this.

With funding from Water Charity and The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust Elisabeth Ogunwo implemented the Teugue-Ndogui Ecole 1 Latrine Project in Senegal.

Click on the picture to watch a short video of the project, in which 90 people got improved sanitation facilities by finally getting a latrine in their school.

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