Whole World Water Campaign Designed to Address Global Water Crisis

Soneva Drinking Water

Photo: Cat Vinton/Soneva

WHOLE WORLD Water, a new social enterprise set to launch on World Water Day, March 22, 2013, is a new sustainable business model that offers the hospitality and tourism industry a new way of doing business that raises money for social issues while supporting business objectives.

Leveraging the incredible potential of the hospitality and tourism industry to spur global change, the model encourages spas, hotels, resorts and restaurants to filter, bottle and sell their own water, and contribute 10 percent of the proceeds to the WHOLE WORLD Water Fund; a fund benefiting clean and safe water programs around the world. ClimateCare, pioneers in carbon finance and results based financing, are managing the Fund.

Soneva’s example
“Since 2008, Soneva Resorts, Residences and Spas have banned imported water in favor of bottling its own filtered water.  Revenues were contributed to clean drinking water initiatives whose work has meant water access for over 600,000 people previously denied,” said Sonu Shivdasani, founding member of WHOLE WORLD Water. “Our resorts have proved that this solution works. We are proud to have inspired this global campaign and been able to provide initial seed capital through The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust to launch this exciting initiative.”

“The United Nations has proclaimed 2013 the Year of International Water Cooperation to raise awareness of  the fact that nearly 1 billion people do not have access to safe and clean drinking water.  Working together with the hospitality and tourism industry, we can see this issue solved within our lifetime,” said Jenifer Willig co-founder of WHOLE WORLD Water.

Good business
To date industry leaders Soneva, The Ritz-Carlton, Six Senses, Virgin Limited, Virgin Hotels, Banyan Tree, Auberge du Soleil, Tao Restaurant Group, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, Dusit Hotels and Resorts, JetWing Hotels, and The Ranch at Live Oak have joined the campaign.

“At Virgin, we believe business must be a force for good, using its influence and resources to help find solutions to some of the world’s major issues,” said Sir Richard Branson, Founder at Virgin Group and advisor to WHOLE WORLD Water. “This model reduces shipping pollution, financial and environmental costs, and it’s good for business.”

“The WHOLE WORLD Water model is designed to combat environmental, health, and economic issues, as it delivers radical change and drives a more robust bottom-line across the industry,” said Karena Albers, co-founder of WHOLE WORLD Water. “We estimate that with scale, the hospitality and tourism industry can contribute $1 billion per year or more to help eradicate this global issue.”

WHOLE WORLD Water is currently accepting new members to join its existing group of industry leaders. Through this one simple change, the industry stands to benefit across its triple bottom-line: people, planet, and profits.

Industry members are invited to visit www.wholeworldwater.co to learn more about the initiative, and to become a member of WHOLE WORLD Water.

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