Coral Restoration 15 Months

Soneva Kiri Coral Restoration project is 15 months in the making (video link below).

The Coral Restoration projects is implemented and overseen by Coral Reef Creators, a Thailand based company specializing in coral restoration and underwater landscaping.

1,850 corals
The Soneva Kiri Coral Restoration project is 40 metres long and 12 metres wide. 34 structures (18 igloos and 16 quarter moons) have been constructed. Metal frames are used with an electrical current from solar panels running through to encourage better growth.

1,850 corals of 27 species were transplanted and 30 tons of live rock incorporated. The 27 species of coral grafted on the reef consists of:

  • 4 species branching corals
  • 2 species of “platter” corals
  • 21 encrusting corals.

Excellent progress
So far the progress is excellent.

  • 82% survival rate after 15 months.
  • 66 species of fish (22 more than expected)

To see a short video of the progress please click on the picture below:

Soneva Kiri Coral Restoration 15 months

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