Managing Waste in Paradise

Photo: Cat Vinton/Soneva

BioCycle Global writes an interesting article about Maldives’ challenges in handling waste.

According to the article 120 ton waste is produced on a daily basis from the capital Male. This does not include the 90 odd resorts on separate individual islands, which would add a substantial amount to this waste figure.

Interestingly it it mentioned that 80% of the waste is compostable, with a majority of that being yard waste. Unfortunately most of this still ends up at the waste island Thilafushi, where it is burnt. This illustrates that the polluting issue of burning waste is could be significantly reduced by employing composting practices that creates a rich nutrient soil that can be use for improving soil fertility to grow food.

As an example of a resort that addresses waste challenges, Soneva Fushi is mentioned. Their Eco Centro Waste to Waste concept very much focuses on handling organic waste through composting and biochar production. With this, the resort that has about 70% compostable waste are able to improve soil fertility and produce good amounts of herb & vegetable for the resort. Sound waste handling is both good for the environment and for the business.

To read the full BioCycle Global article:

To read more about Soneva Fushi’s Eco Centro Waste to Wealth concept: Waste to Wealth


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