Carbon Sense Fund

Photo: Kritapat Kontrong/The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust

Carbon emissions from energy consumption only counts 15% of Soneva Resorts’ total emission. The reason for this is that Soneva considers a carbon scope beyond its operation and include carbon emission from air travel, ground travel, freight, food, waste, paper and water.

For this reason, a Carbon Sense Fund has been established to mitigate emissions that cannot be controlled, such as guest flights. 2% is deducted from the room revenue.

This capital is then invested into carbon mitigation projects not directly on Soneva resorts through The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust. The fund gives Soneva the ability to mitigate the carbon emissions it cannot control, such as those incurred through air travel.

The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust aims to find the most effective ways of balancing our unavoidable carbon emissions focusing on clean energy, biodiversity and social impact.

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