Waste to Wealth

Photo: Cat Vinton/Soneva

Soneva Fushi has been a forerunner in the establishment of Soneva Eco Centro concept. Based on permaculture principles waste is seen as a resource; hence, the expression Waste to Wealth is used.

As Soneva Fushi is located on a remote island in the Maldives there are not really any good waste disposal options. For this reason we are trying to get to as stage of zero waste.

For example food and garden waste is composted, which create nutrient rich soil that is use for the herb & vegetable gardens.

Paper and cardboard is also composted on-site.

Woody waste is use to produce biochar and bio charcoal that is used to further enhance the soil fertility or for barbecues instead of imported charcoal.

Glass is crushed with our glass crusher and mixed with cement to create e.g. nice looking table tops. This reduces the need for cement.

Metal is sent off the property for recycling.

Although Soneva Fushi achieved a 17 ton CO2 reversal from its waste handling from July 2010 to June 2011, there is still room for improvement. In particular, there is a potential to compost more of the food waste produced and there is of course also possible to reduce the overall waste produced.

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