70kW Solar PV system at Soneva Fushi

Photo: Cat Vinton/Soneva

Soneva Fushi is Soneva’s first property and flagship. It is located in the Maldives and faces several challenges from it remote island location. Despite this a lot of effort has been put in place in order to improve it energy consumption and move towards Soneva’s Decarbonising goal.

It was therefore great to see the efforts are bearing fruit by energy emissions in 2010-11 being improved by 4% overall and 5% per-resident-night compared to 2008-09.

This improvement reflects the resort’s focus on improving energy efficiency and moving towards renewable energy.

A 70kW solar PV system was in November 2009 installed to gain knowledge from the technology. In 2010-11 it produced 102,554 kWh of clean energy.

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