HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards 2011

Soneva Resorts* was awarded with a special Corporate Leadership Award at HICAP Sustainable Hotel Award 2011 in recognition of its corporate leadership in integrating sustainability as an embedded business philosophy.

Judges for the special HICAP award said that a special award had been warranted for Soneva Resorts because of the company’s “consistent incorporation of sustainable best practices and innovations for all its properties – from conceptualization to operations, community engagement and destination management.”

The judging panel added: “As an active community member, each property engages with the local community in responsible and fair trade, but also the organization of a wide range of environmental education and healthcare programs, charity activities and disaster relief projects.”

“Via this award, best practice in Corporate Leadership is given an example in Soneva; how sustainable practices can be adopted and implemented as an integral component of a company’s brand and operational strategy; and how larger and more positive environmental and community impacts can be generated when the scale is increased from individual property achievements to hotel portfolios and networks.”

HICAP Sustainable Hotel Award 2011


*Award received under the previous trade name Six Senses Resorts & Spas.


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