Walpole Award 2010 for CSR

Soneva Resorts* was awarded the Walpole Award 2010 for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Walpole, the non-profit organisation that represents the British luxury industry, has over 160 members which include Burberry, Harrods, Liberty, Fortnum & Mason, Mulberry, Jimmy Choo & Dunhill and plays an important role in promoting and developing the UK luxury industry, at home and overseas.  The Walpole Awards are the most prestigious in the luxury industry in the UK and beyond.

Soneva Resort core philosophy is SLOW LIFE – Sustainable–Local-Organic-Wellness Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences. These SLOW LIFE values position Soneva as a committed leader and pioneer, in providing sustainable tourism options for consumers, suppliers and partners. From the use of building materials from sustainable local sources, to sourcing and purchasing quality food and products from local areas and communities, to using chemical free, organic choices wherever possible, all these are intelligent choices and initiatives, reflecting Soneva commitment to SLOW LIFE.

Walpole Award 2010


*Award received under the previous trade name Six Senses Resorts & Spas.

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